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Bookstart: Your Baby Can Read

Bookstart Library Cards

The Bookstart Library Card is designed and illustrated by Chao Kuo-tsung, a renowned artist. Mr. Chao chose baby monkey to present a charming image of infants and toddlers happily engaged in reading. This card is limited to children under (including) 60 months old and coming from registered Taipei City households. The card may be used at the Main Library, the branches, and the Neighborhood Reading Rooms. Please follow the relevant regulations of the Library. There is a limit of 15 items for a 30-day period. For audio-visual materials, the limit is 5 items in a period of 14 days.

The Bookstart Library Card(front)

The Infant Library Card (front)

The Bookstart Library Card(rear)

The Infant Library Card (rear)

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