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Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floors

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floors

Second Basement Floor (B2)  .First Basement Floor (B1)  .First Floor
Second Floor   .Third Floor  .Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floors
Eighth Floor   .Ninth Floor  .Tenth Floor  .Eleventh Floor


Fourth Floors  
A World History and Geography (Category 7) Collection
B Arts (Category 9) Collection
C Foreign Language Collections
D Linguistics and Literature (Category 8) Collection
E TPE City Gov. Publications and Journals
F Acquisition & Cataloging Section
G Reading Area (consists of 48 study seats)


Fifth Floors  
A Reading Area (consists of 60 study seats)
B Compact Shelves (Reserved System)
C Sciences (Category 3) Collection
D Applied Sciences (Category 4) Collection
E Social Sciences (Category 5) Collection
F History and Geography of China ( Category 6) Collection
G Religion (Category 2) Collection
H Generalities (Category 0) & Philosophy (Category 1) Collection
I  Spotlight of Shanghai
J  Public Library Northern Region Resource Center


Sixth Floors  
A Study Area (248 regular seats; 4 seats for the disabled)
B Bound Newspapers Area

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